Proudly serving Hosur and its surroundings.

SkyScope Housing and Properties is one of the best independent real estate company in Hosur. Our company has been helping people buy houses in Hosur for over fifteen years. If you are looking for real estate (Hosur area and its surroundings), you have come to the right place. We have over 50+ experienced associates and best track record in Hosur.

Our associates can help you make an informed decision on selecting the best house for you. Just as SkyScope H&P began as a real estate company we have grown into other areas as the population has grown. We now have three offices to serve our customers and their needs in the real estate market.

We believe that real estate companies are built on recruiting and retention; we not only recognize this but we excel in it. We have attracted some fantastic leaders who are paving the way and setting the precedence for the rest of the company and those that follow. SkyScope has a culture built on a commitment to excellence, ethics and high standards. This commitment extends beyond the company walls and is felt in the community as well.

We pride ourselves on our constant adaptation to technological advances. This propensity has positioned us in the market as a leader today and for the future. Most importantly we believe that it is our responsibility to give our team everything they need to be successful. Our team are our front line and the face of SkyScope; we will provide them with the tools they need to give our clients a stress-free and memorable experience.

Call us today and let us show you why we have so many happy customers.

” We are one among the best independent real estate companies in Hosur. Our company has been helping people buy properties in Hosur District for over Fifteen years.”